My goal is to create beautiful bass music that breathes and Vibe Rinse is my moniker. I make electronic dance music mainly inspired by House and Drum N Bass.

In December 2016 I released my first commercial project, Flying Sparks EP, which is not a Latin album, but definitely was influenced by my nights out Salsa and Bachata dancing. If you like what you’re hearing you can  subscribe using the green button, and get notified about announcements from this blog.

I also enjoy creating presets for synths and writing about sound design techniques, so if you’ve got a need for either, email me at VibeRinse@gmail.com

My writing and sound design works have been published in:
Producers Choice Blog
Computer Music Magazine (The Good Sub Guide)
Enzyme Factory Presets (many of the “Wob” sounds)


Multi-genre EDM composer, Author and Sound Designer